Hey Yous!

Maggie Cassella has tackled nearly every aspect of the business of show. From on camera, on stage and behind a podium to behind the camera, backstage, and moving the podium, Maggie is an actor, writer, comic, public speaker, and full service producer. Sure. Seems impossible but for anyone who’s worked with Maggie, they will attest, she’s a whirlwind. (That’s a really nice way of saying she has Attention Surplus Disorder (according to Maggie ADD is a misnomer, she doesn’t have a DEFICIT of attention she has a SURPLUS of attention). But trust us (us being Maggie who else do you think is writing this), Maggie has learned how to harness that attention and deliver whatever you (the director, producer, or client) needs. Don’t believe us (again, this is Maggie you know that right)? Check out Maggie’s reels and some references below.Acting Reel, Hosting Reel, Stand-up Reel

For the fun, funny, funnderatious (not a word we (I) know that) stuff, keep scrolling!

It’s official! Maggie Cassella has partnered (not THAT kind of partner BUSINESS partner) with Katie Ford (Miss Congeniality, Family Ties, Desperate Housewives, Prayers for Bobby) to form Ford Cassella Productions. (They tried Cassella Ford but it sounded like a car dealership. Try it. Just add “Downtown” in front of the names and next thing you know you’re looking at cars).

Ford Cassella Productions is a company dedicated to Maggie and Katie’s passion for helping others find their voices by creating curated channels and content for underserved communities. Completely self-financed to start, their first channel we’re funny that way, has been created and is now in the process of acquiring funding to create and load content onto the site. Want to be a part of that? You can donate $5 or $10 a month by supporting us on Patreon! Just click HERE! Here’s the promo for our first page the queer entertainment web hub We’re Funny That Way┬«: