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PrideHostingBuffaloCropped copyWelcome to my website. I know! A website. Are those things still around? They are! And I love having one cuz it’s the one place you can find me EVERYPLACE. Right? Sooooo, on this site you can find my bio, and resume, and videos, and stuff I’ve written, and pictures, and acting reel and news of my latest endeavours (Ford Cassella Productions).

And so you know: Maggie Cassella has tackled nearly every aspect of the business of show. From on camera, on stage and behind a podium to behind the camera, backstage, and moving the podium, Maggie is an actor, writer, comic, public speaker, and full service producer. Sure. Seems impossible but for anyone who’s worked with Maggie, they will attest, she’s a whirlwind. (That’s a really nice way of saying she has Attention Surplus Disorder (according to Maggie ADD is a misnomer, she doesn’t have a DEFICIT of attention she has a SURPLUS of attention). But trust us (us being Maggie who else do you think is writing this), Maggie has learned how to harness that attention and deliver whatever you (the director, producer, or client) needs. Don’t believe us (again, this is Maggie you know that right)?                       Check out Maggie’s reels and some references below.

Acting Reel, Hosting Reel, Stand-up Reel

For the fun, funny, funnderatious (not a word we (I) know that) stuff, keep scrolling!


If Trump Gets Elected…


Friday, June 10 – 7pm Sharp – V is for Variety

It’s a variety show starring me, Shannon McDonough, Katie Ford, and a special musical guest.  This one is a “best of” so we’re streaming it live on my Facebook page AND on Periscope @FordCassella.  If you’d like tickets to the show just e-mail maggie@maggiecassella.com and I’ll see you get on the “list”.


In Development

FORD CASSELLA.  A new kind of digital production company.  Stay tuned for more.  SOON. Actual stuff not just words.  We’re tired of TELLING people what we’re GOING to do.  So you know, we’re just going to do it, show you, and let you in on it.  Fun right?