WE’RE FUNNY THAT WAY CABARET – July 25, 7pm Toronto – 805 Studio – 805 Dovercourt. /a>

This is the first in a series of cabarets showcasing a variety of queer talent

GAY PANIC!  #QUEER #CULTURE #STFU: A Comedy Show by Maggie Cassella
WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 07 – 7pm – TORONTO  – Caffino Ristorante – Tix here
SATURDAY, OCT. 7 – 7pm – NEW HAVEN –  Terminal 110 – Tix here www.maggieinnewhaven.bpt.met
TUESDAY, OCT. 10 – SUNDAY, OCT 15 –  PTOWN All shows 2:30 pm – Post Office Cabaret Tix here

Gay Panic! #Queer #Culture #STFU
A comedy show by Maggie Cassella*

Holy shit. Everything sucks! They lied! It didn’t get better – it got worse! There’s an orange narcissist with his finger on the button! The Vice President is a closet case who believes in conversion therapy! They’re gonna reverse marriage equality. Uh Nazis?? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?!

Don’t panic! Maggie’s got you covered with a solid hour of comedy about queer culture, stupid stories, and a smattering of current events that’ll make sure you remember where you came from while getting the laughs you so desperately need in these desperate-for-laughter times. So #STFU and enjoy some #queer #culture #comedy.

PS. No #GayPanicDefence allowed.
Put your hashtags down now!

*Guaranteed not to suck.